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I cried when I finished the last episode.

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Not dead. G o n e.

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damon salvatore wardrobe appreciation

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Damon Season 5 Appreciation Week

- day 1: best character moment

I know this is not just “one” moment but for me this is important because this season 5 has been Hell for Damon. He’s been through everything, he screwed up a lot, but in the end, he came out stronger, with a new understanding of himself. In this episode we’ve seen all the sides of his character : the boss who comes up with a plan to save everyone, the lover who’s honest with Elena & tell her all the risks, the man ready to sacrifice his life to save his town, his brother & friends, the loyal friend who will not abandon Liz, the sassy man who uses humor to cover up his pain when he realises he won’t come back, and finally… the man who makes the most beautiful declaration of love to the woman who changed his whole life. In my opinion, this episode was Damon at his finest.

And there it was. Three treasons will you know.
Once for blood and once for gold and once for love.

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So, you're the new girl.

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the mortal instruments the greenhouse

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